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Guided Game Drives

The Southern jungles of Sri Lanka are teeming with wildlife of all sizes! From tiny lizards to mighty predators, the jungles of Yala, Lunugamwehera, Bundala and Kumana offer a wildlife experience that is not easily matched or forgotten. At Makini, we make this experience more rewarding by ensuring that you experience all the sights, sounds and smells of a raw jungle excursion. We strongly believe that without the know-how and the patience, sightings are far and few. We have handpicked a few passionate guides who have nature’s best interests at heart. They are conscious of the ecosystem and are sensitive to every beat of the jungle. These guides are great spotters of wildlife having studied the behaviour patterns of mammals, reptiles and birds alike - a blend of expertise that makes your safari experience memorable, each time.

Games drives
Bush Walks and Nature Treks

Guided Bush Walks & Nature Treks

There are many endemic plant species that have healing properties and are used in adjacent villages for medicinal purposes. Our guides will carefully pick and show the medicinal and consumable plants and tree varieties that line the campsite.

As part of our onsite experiences, we give our guests an opportunity to join guided bush walks. A well-trained expert will ensure that strict protocols are followed to ensure your safety. During these walks, the guide will meticulously share and show a multitude of things, ranging from tiny insects, interesting trees & shrubs, as well as various traces left by small mammals that roam the area, such as paw prints or tracks as well as feces. This is the perfect outing for guests above the age of 12, who love to explore! On a nocturnal guided walk, you have the opportunity to spot species such as Fishing Cats, Civets, Pythons, Hares, Chevrotains, Porcupines and if the conditions allow, the Pangolin.

Our stay was so well organized,
and both kids were well engaged as well as the adults

Food & Beverages

Southern Sri Lanka cuisine has a unique blend that will tantalise your taste buds. Although coconut oil is a staple in Sri Lankan cuisine, Southern folk tend to use sesame and gingelly oil for the cooking to bring out the nutty taste in stir-fried dishes as well as salads. Sri Lanka is renowned for the ‘mallum’ or leafy sambals. In Southern Sri Lanka, the mallum is made from nutritionally dense leaves such as Kara, commonly called Wild Jasmine and mixed-leaf mallum. Kara leaf is known for its health properties and is traditionally used to reduce diabetics, to improve digestion, for worm diseases and to detoxify snake venom. These herbs are generally mixed with freshly grated coconut and to add more bite, some dried fish. Based in the Uva province of Sri Lanka, we are surrounded by lakes, which also means freshly caught fish! The lake fried fish is a delicacy here and sure to keep you reaching out for more!

Most fruits and vegetables are locally grown or sourced from nearby farms, ensuring freshness. Drumstick and Manioc preparations are popular here, especially when paired with curry leaves. We encourage organic, sustainable farming practices by working together with the local farmers to plant, nurture and harvest.

Food & Beverages
A Wild Proposal & Honeymoon Experience

A Wild Proposal & Honeymoon

Hold a hand, get on a bended knee and put a ring on it. With the wilderness as your backdrop, you have the perfect setting to propose to your loved one and to make sure that you get a ‘yes’! Privacy, seclusion and luxury together make Makini your perfect honeymoon destination. With the private plunge pool at your back doorstep, a comfy plush interior, prompt room service and delicious meals, you have all the ingredients to make your honeymoon an experience not to be easily forgotten!

Friendly staff always with a smile, and the food was heavenly, This is the first time we experienced a guided safari and it was a fabulous experience ”


With so many beautiful scenic views and wildlife, you have the opportunity to photograph to your heart‘s content as the subjects are endless. Whether you are a landscape photographer or a wildlife photographer with a telescopic lens to maneuver, we’re there to help. You can always seek advice on the best locations or even how to better use your equipment from our expert photographers at the campsite. Let us know if you need an extra hand when making your reservation with us and we will ensure that an expert is on hand to help.

Avian Wonders

Avian Wonders

The campsite is teeming with birdlife, and during an early morning excursion you are sure to be greeted by the melodious bird song, led by the White Rumped Shama. The Shama having an elongated tail feather and contrasting orange-breast, belongs to the Robin family. You can easily hear and spot about 30 bird species during a single morning excursion, especially during the migratory season where the number of species swells considerably with the advent of cuckoos, bee-eaters, starlings and many other species. The migratory season spans about 6 months of the year, starting from September.

At the end of the day, you can sit around the BOMA to take a bird count and recall all the whistles, cackles and songs!

Our guide explained everything that’s there,
including little things like beetles and lizards