In Their Own Words

Thoughts from a few of our many satisfied Guests

A life changing experience that you must do!

" We had an amazing experience that was safe, comfortable and friendly. We have hordes of animals and birds - including leopards and crocodiles. It was a humbling experience to be one with nature. We got lots of restful sleep!. Grateful for the kindness and care throughout our stay. Food is lovely and gives you a sense of the culture and ethnicity. "

Freshly prepared Southern-style goodness in every bite!

" Excellent place for food — staying close to the Southern Sri Lankan cuisine, with most of it homegrown. Coconut is one of the staple ingredients in most of the freshly prepared dishes by an amazing local chef, who has been selected after a careful process. If you’re looking for a highlight in your culinary journey - we recommend that you try the cuisine served at Makini. You will be delighted! "

Can’t get any better than this!

" It’s our first stop in Sri Lanka and we simply loved every aspect of staying here. Our tent with the private pool was divine - true seclusion. The food was amazing and every bite was delicious. The Guide and jeep Driver went out of their way to get us the best views of the animals during the safaris. We loved it here and recommend anyone to come experience Makini Bushcamp. "

Guest Perspectives: Thoughts and feedback on their experience

" I cannot recommend Makini enough! We absolutely loved our two-day stay there. The staff were incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and attentive. The safari drives were fascinating, and our safari guide and driver went above and beyond to spot every animal possible, including leopards, elephants, and bears. The bushwalk through the local area was a relaxed and unique way to appreciate the landscape. The safari tents were not only comfortable but also had a charming rustic feel. The food, cooked by a local village lady, was simply delicious and we never went hungry. Overall, our experience at Makini was outstanding! "

-- Emily Cull

" Makini is an exceptional bush camp offering a perfect blend of luxury tented accommodation and an authentic bush experience. The safari drives were highly rewarding, allowing us to witness majestic elephants and finally spot the elusive leopard. The knowledgeable and friendly team, led by owners, along with staff members provided exceptional hospitality, delightful food, photography assistance, and valuable support throughout our stay, enhancing our overall experience at the camp and in Yala park. "

-- Evan Reynolds

" Our experience at Makini was fantastic. The spacious and luxurious tents, along with the delightful outdoor bathroom and plunge pool, matched the picturesque images. The food was exceptional, reflecting the essence of southern Sri Lanka. The campfire BBQ night under lantern-lit ambiance added to the memorable atmosphere. The attentive and thoughtful staff further enhanced our stay. What truly distinguishes this property is the owners' passion for wildlife photography, sustainable practices, and their deep knowledge of Yala's wildlife. The safaris and bushwalks were filled with remarkable encounters and insightful information about the local flora and fauna. We highly recommend Makini for an unforgettable and sustainable Yala experience. "

-- Lindsey Wiedmann

" Makini bush camp offers a delightful stay in Yala with cozy chalets featuring private pools. The delicious food, showcasing the flavors of Sri Lankan village culture, was a highlight. The welcoming team's extensive knowledge about the location, wildlife, and the night sky added to the experience. The bush walk and safari were memorable, including a rare sighting of a sloth bear. We appreciated the camp's commitment to sustainable practices and their collaborative efforts with the local community. Overall, it's a fantastic place to visit. "

-- Deandra Forbes

" Our stay at Mikini Bush Camp was truly unforgettable. The attentive and accommodating staff made every aspect of our experience perfect. From the delicious Sri Lankan cuisine to the memorable BBQ dinner under the stars, we were well taken care of. The camp's beautiful design immersed us in nature, and the spacious and comfortable tent, although hindered by a few frogs in the open washroom area, provided a cozy retreat. The safari rides, guided by Deveka, were exceptional, allowing us to break our leopard-spotting curse and encounter three of these majestic creatures. Overall, our time at Mikini Bush Camp was amazing, and we highly recommend it for its outstanding staff, delectable food, captivating ambiance, and remarkable safari rides. "

-- Shanaka Hettiarachchi